I began painting and otherwise producing art in the mid-to-late 1980s. It was a hobby then. Now producing art is a full time occupation and necessity for living.

Producing art is my way of commenting on the things of the world around me and the way they seem to be constructed. It is decorated discourse.

I tend to paint in bright colors with bold lines and simplified images. Generally, it is the idea(s) surrounding objects rather than any specific object that I am trying to represent.

In much of my work I paint highly stylized representations of familiar objects which may allude to a number of associated ideas depending upon the contexts in which they are placed and the viewer’s experience and point of view (e.g. apples, water, light bulbs; see attached glossary).

I often use the following devices in my work: unusual juxtaposition of objects, irony, parody, puns, allusion, metaphor, symbolism, non sequitur, etc.

Titles are important. What a painting is called is more than a label to identify it. Titles, like Duchamp said, are like “another layer of paint.” In the best cases a painting can only be fully understood and appreciated when the title is taken into account. The best titles leave room for various interpretations.

I have always had an unusual sense of humor. I try to deploy some form of this in most of my work even though the underlying subject matter may be serious.

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